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Wonderland Found is your journey into wonderland. Join us to celebrate over 150 years of Alice and her Adventures

Not your ordinary children’s book, story or heroine; Alice and the characters she encounters in Wonderland have illuminated the imagination of its visitors for over 150 years. Despite her obvious “age” Alice remains ageless, a youthful connection to the time when the reader could be precocious and bold. If only for a moment in their mind’s eye of the reader or simple turn of a page, Alice has found herself woven into the modern fabric.

The delightful and whimsical story found in the course of the five original literary devices, Alice’s Adventures Underground(1886 Manuscript), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865 Original Macmillan Publishing), Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1871), The Nursery Alice (1890) and the lost chapter found in 1977 A Wasp in a Wig

provided a soil rich with opportunity for artistic exploration as the Victorian Age gave way to the modern, where Alice has never fallen out of the public eye or publication since its first printing in 1865. This site explores the history, of the book itself,through turbulent social and world wars seeing Alice through the eyes of her many illustrators throughout the years a time that would become known as the Golden Age of Illustration.

Our collection at consists of original, vintage and antique Alices and other Wonderland artifacts presented here. Here the Curious can learn more about the fantastic world that has captured varied minds from Carroll to Picasso. From humble mathematicians questioning the Victorian Age, to the French Resistance Alice has become a counter culture figurehead. Whether hippies dropping in and out to VR game producers and even development platforms, every new medium has had its own interpretation of “Go ask Alice”. explores Alice and her world as a major influence in every form of media from books, film, games, VR and beyond.